June 18th, 2021, Santa Fe, NM -This month marks WBMH Law’s David Walther’s 60th anniversary in the law. While the longevity is news in itself (David is one of the longest serving lawyers in New Mexico), the content of his career is more interesting. It began well: David was first in his class at Wisconsin’s prestigious Marquette University School of Law in Wisconsin.

Post-graduation, David served as a clerk at the Wisconsin State Supreme Court, then began working on the many civil rights cases in Milwaukee that had arisen out of the rampant housing and school segregation of the era. David was involved in the work of the noted civil rights activist, Father James Groppi and in the cases emanating from the riots in the summer of 1967. In addition, he successfully blocked an interstate freeway from running along Milwaukee’s fabled lake front park, a park that was considered the jewel of the Milwaukee during 70 years of Socialist administrations.

A life-long Democrat, David ran for Mayor of Milwaukee in 1968 as an anti-war candidate and championing school and housing integration.  Although he survived a five-candidate primary election, he lost to the incumbent mayor, who continued to serve as Milwaukee mayor for a total of 28 years. After that, David and his brother Stephen Walther created a magazine for amateur astronomers, Astronomy Magazine, which survived Stephen’s death in 1977 and continues to be published in Milwaukee.

By the time David moved to New Mexico in 1985, he already had over 50 reported cases and 2 articles cited by the United States Supreme Court. Once in New Mexico, he was one of eight lawyers chosen by the prestigious American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers to create The Bounds of Advocacy – a work that remains the standard for ethical behavior in the practice of Family Law. He also participated in the creation of the American College of Family Trial Lawyers, whose membership is limited to the top 100 Divorce lawyers in the United States. He remains a member of its executive committee.

As partner or sole owner of several law firms in the state, David’s work has created employment for many New Mexicans – from office personnel to paralegals to other lawyers, many of whom he personally mentored.  But David’s contributions to the law also had a more personal component: He is the father of six, four of whom are now lawyers, and two years ago, he attended his grandson’s admission to the Wisconsin Bar. Continuing the family tradition, David now also has a granddaughter in law school. 

After 60 years, David’s enduring respect for the law continues and he can still be found at his desk on Marcy Street, practicing the profession he has loved since his second day of law school.

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