August 21st 2020: In a first for a large Santa Fe law firm, every senior lawyer at WBMH Law has been recognized by Best Lawyers.

2021 is already a banner year for family law firm WBMH Law. This award year, in a first for a large Santa Fe law firm, every senior lawyer at the firm has been recognized by Best Lawyers®. Awards are only part of the WBMH Law story, though: WBMH is also a major Santa Fe business success.

Built from the merger of David Walther Law and two family law lawyers from Rothstein Donatelli in 2017, WBMH Law has cultivated a reputation for handling the most complex family law cases, in-state and across state lines. WBMH Law’s early dedication and concentration on highly complex cases was a risky strategy, but one that the firm credits for its rapid growth. WBMH Law has succeeded beyond its founders’ expectations, and awards and recognitions keep coming in.

In the last decade, the lawyers who form WBMH Law have taken home the honor of being named Santa Fe Family Lawyer of the Year an amazing six times. This year, it is Sarah Bennett’s third time being so honored. David Walther and Of Counsel attorney Michael Golden have also been chosen as Santa Fe Family Lawyer of the Year multiple times during their careers and were named Best Lawyers again for 2021. But the awards this year are particularly satisfying: While the senior lawyers at the firm have been perennially honored, this year the lawyers of WBMH’s team are emerging as powerhouses in their own right. Morgan Honeycutt and Amber Maçias-Mayo both were named Best Lawyers Ones to Watch, an honor reserved for lawyers practicing in family law for less than 10 years.

Building the largest Santa Fe law firm dedicated exclusively to family law was a major accomplishment. For WBMH Law, the awards are a satisfying cherry on the cake.

WBMH serves New Mexico and out-of-state clients from offices located at 123 E. Marcy Street, Suite 205, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. For more information, please visit or contact Amber Macias-Mayo at 505-795-7117.