WBMH Law specializes in handling the most complex divorces, custody disputes, adoptions, assisted reproduction cases and other family law issues in the state, and often teams with out-of-state divorce, family law, financial and reproductive professionals for multi- jurisdictional cases.

Complex finances, surrogate-assisted reproduction or divorce and custody across state lines or national borders entail a level of complexity and professional cooperation not required in 95% of family law cases. Familiarity with the issues presented by these cases is the domain of specialists. WBMH Law attorneys are experienced in handling Hague Convention and appellate cases and divorces in which deferred compensation, trusts, assets in art and antiques, stock options, business valuations, deliberate financial deceptions (including misappropriation of joint property) are involved. In addition, the firm has developed the personnel and technological infrastructures to efficiently handle and if required, transfer among partnering professionals, the high volume of documentation associated with complex cases.

WBMH Law is one of the most experienced and respected family law firms in the Southwest. Several attorneys at the firm are designated Family Law Specialists. Others are experienced in multiple geographies, including both community property and equitable distribution states. All and have received high accolades in Family Law, including many peer-review based honors.